Balance, Energy, Longevity, Alignment.

Connect your body to movement; be in flow everyday.

The connection you have to your body is yours. Whether you’re healing from an injury, recovering from giving birth, or wanting to improve your strength, The Bela Method helps you feel balanced and energized, ensures longevity and allows you to live in alignment.

Live Classes

Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!

On Demand

On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


Let's move together...

Wellness for Women

Workouts to guide you through your pregnancy and beyond. Choose from a variety of trimester specific workouts and postpartum exercises. Sync your workouts to your menstrual cycle. Connect to your body, optimize your energy, and be in flow.


From a classic mat experience to a Pilates flow. Choose from a variety of 45 minute rhythmic based workouts. Allow the music to guide your movements, connect to your breath, improve alignment and flexibility, and tone your entire body.



Having come from a professional dance background, I’ve always found movement to be healing and the best way to connect to my body. I transitioned into wellness and teaching after realizing how strong, mentally and physically, I felt after Pilates. I created this program with you in mind. It’s for:

The woman who seeks guidance before, during and after her pregnancy
The busy mom who needs to move her body and reconnect with herself
The avid traveler who wants to workout from anywhere in the world
The woman who wants to be in flow by connecting her workouts to her monthly cycle
The person who wants to grow stronger both mentally and physically through their workouts

Thank you for being here. When I’m not teaching, you can find me hosting retreats and events, traveling, spending time with my dear family and friends, and connecting with nature.

xo Juliana
FOUNDER, The Bela Method
Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist
Pilates Instructor

Juliana is very easy to talk to, is patient, loving and puts her heart into everything she does. It is amazing to watch her work and see how much she cares about everything she does and everyone she works with.

Juliana has been an awesome instructor! She has the capacity to strength train and motivate beyond limits! I am much stronger physically and mentally, and more motivated to exercise with Juliana’s help. Thank you so much for coaching me, Juliana!

Juliana has helped me a lot. I started working out with her a year after my ankle replacement. I have lost weight, I’m toned and my balance has improved. I'm a lot more flexible and stronger since I started working out with Juliana.

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